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About us

Center for Sustainable Development (COR) is a professional, knowledge-based non-profit organization focused on the sustainable development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We promote partnerships between public, private sector and civil society for sustainable development, thereby advocating for education and investment in the fields of 21st century type of education, environmental protection and improvement of the local community.

Center for Sustainable Development is a leader in BiH when it comes to Green Agenda and 21st century education. We are the founder of the STEM Club BiH.

In our projects we cooperate with various foreign partners and donors, such as: USAID, WorldBank, European Commission, Italian Government, German Marshall Fund/Balkan Trust for Democracy, Charles Mott Foundation, US Embassy, private businesses, local governments, etc. The Center for sustainable development has a wide range of technical and organizational capacities, including the capability to follow a project from its inception all the way to its implementation and evaluation. COR has a proven record in managing complex and large projects. It has been confirmed by independent annual audits and donor controls.

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