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Green Agenda Century Skills

21st Century Skills

Young people in BiH need a greater level of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) understanding - greater level than any other generation in history- just to be able to participate in the 21st Century job market and to understand important complex environmental issues of the world today such as climate change, clean energy, waste reuse and recycling, pollution, energy efficiency, low carbon designs, systems and approaches, etc. Unfortunately multi-disciplinary, experimenting and project based approach are completely lacking in BiH education system. Teachers also very often fail to use technologies and communication tools that appeal students of a new generation. Curiosity and thirst for knowledge is something that needs to be reinvigorated in students.

In this segment, we focus on the following core competencies: digital competence; technological competence; STEM education; sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; learning ability ("learning to learn").

We are also the founder of the STEM Club BiH.

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